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Songs written, arranged and produced by Lisa:

(piano, vocals: Lisa)


Desert Hideaway:

Bate Bate Chocolate:

Mates Of The Soul:  

Not Gonna Let You Do It:

Film/TV Cue: Suspense

Film/TV Cue: Drama w strings

Film/TV Cue: Fast Chase

Film/TV Cue: Jazzy vocals with Harmon

Film/TV Cue: R&B w Harmon

FilmTV/ Cue: A Capella Vocals

Film/TV Cue: Have You Seen

Film/TV Cue: Broadway

Film/TV Cue: Jazzy Vocals "Do-ya"

Film/TV Cue: Big Band

Film/TV Cue: Jingle All The Way

Believe Your Dreams: 

I'm In Love With You:

Above The Clouds:

Smile For Me: 

She Has Arrived:

Above The Clouds: (vocal version)

In Excelsis Deo:


More Than Words Can Say:

La Florida:

E Mail: